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What makes a Perfect Partner?

Whether your business is large or small, you have objectives to fulfill and projects to complete. More than likely you need some outside help to get the job done. It might be a new product to package, services to promote, a brand to be built or material to be taught. The common thread for each, that leads directly to us, is the communication of information.

Tandem is your Perfect Partner for information communication.

What makes a Perfect Partner? Honesty, competence, experience, attention to detail…all those things and more. For many of our clients it’s realizing: “you guys do that as well…?” For others its realizing that we’re still here for them after the job is done. Always patient. Always willing to help. Our portfolio speaks for itself. The following is an outline of our core services.

Web Design

Tandem builds web sites that communicate clearly and navigate intuitively. We don’t adhere to a specific design style or utilize a predefined set of page templates. We tackle each design and creative challenge custom to the customer and from the ground up. The designs we create fit the goals of the project and communicate clearly with each visual element. It’s not by accident or divine inspiration, we work with you at the outset to define who you are, what you do, who you need to reach and everything about that audience. Our creative executions must speak with your voice not ours. In addition each of our Web design solutions is created with an eye on future expansion.

Web Development

Tandem’s core development philosophy is accessibility, usability and expandability. Essentially your site should work perfectly everywhere. Tandem Web sites comply with the latest web standards and are coded to be as search engine friendly as possible. When we build a site we’re building a foundation to accommodate your needs into the future – ready to expand. We firmly believe that clients should have ultimate control over their investment. We develop websites using widely used open source Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Joomla. It has to work perfectly and it has to be easy for you to maintain it yourself. Bottomline.

Brand/Identity Design

 Branding or corporate identity is really at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s a website or print brochure, we’re working with an established set of brand style guidelines, creating a new or distinct look for a particular initiative or creating a new set of guidelines for future projects to adhere to.

A “Brand” is the emotional essence and visual image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with. The brand is connected through the name, the logo, the slogan, graphic design, photography, the message…the complete package. Through information communication vehicles like a website or brochure we work with you to create and build brand recognition, but also to build brand reputation and set standards for you to maintain and grow.

Effective branding is at the heart because it is affected by everything. It is maybe the most critical element. Tandem has many years of experience creating brands, setting the standards and helping them grow.

Brand Strategy, Custom Content and Social Media Marketing

Your brand consists of not only the vision and visuals but also the message. Today content is critical. In order to fully capitalize on your opportunities for connecting with your audience, you need a trusted partner who can create content with an eye on the greater strategic mission of your brand. Someone who can write original content, keep your social media channels well updated, manage marketing campaigns, identify buyer personas, analyze conversions and plan for the future. Tandem is strategically partnered with Caliber, a relationship that has spanned over a decade, to bring these powerful content services to our clients. Click here for more information on Caliber and Building the Brand Within.

Training & Education Solutions

Tandem has over 15 years of experience creating successful Computer Based Training (CBT) solutions for a wide range of clients and subjects. In recent years we’ve placed an emphasis on the development of Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs. Tandem is dedicated to working collaboratively with clients to meet the challenges of putting high-quality education and training online. We believe our particular blend of design and technology capabilities and our vast experience constructing educational programs uniquely qualifies us in this area. If you’re interested in taking your next online education program to a new level why not have a look at what we can do, have done and Contact Us to find out more.

Interactive Multimedia

Tandem has been developing award-winning multimedia for many years – since before the internet was the Internet. The tools and technologies have definitely changed…first Director, then Flash and now HTML 5. The objective hasn’t changed: to create imaginative, animated, interactive experiences for the web, kiosk, laptop or CDROM. We’ve created a wide array of successful interactive solutions such as games, presentations, touch screen kiosk interfaces, animations, mini-applications/tools, product simulations, 3D diagrammatical experiences, banner advertising… The list is long – you name it we’ve probably done it or know how.


“A design and interactive firm that can take photographs as well…?” Well of course. Who better to take the photos you need for your business then the team that’s inevitably going to be using them? We didn’t just buy the expensive cameras, lights and other assorted equipment. We have actual professional photographers with degrees in photography on our team. Not contractors but actually on the team. The work speaks for itself. Our portfolio features several clients who’ve looked to Tandem for photographic services on top of the design and web development. For each of them the photography was a key element in the finished product. From shooting products and infrastructure to processes and portraiture, we’ve got your photographic needs covered.

Finally, hiring a photographer or studio can be an expensive proposition. Tandem offers competitive rates for this service that ends up saving our clients not only time but also money. If you need photography for your business, do your budget a favor and contact us .

Illustration, Diagrammatical Design, Character Development & 3D

When required we have amazing creative talent on our team with experience bringing that extra bit of artistry to our creative projects. This includes character animation, animated 3D experiences, visual diagrams and illustrated branding and logos. Tandem designs can be as simple or richly detailed as your project demands. Have a look at the Illustration section of our portfolio for a small sample of Tandem’s artistry.

Full service? Full service is for your car. We’re not everything to everyone and we’re certainly not “Yes” men. If it’s something we don’t do, we’ll tell you – right away. For us it goes back to communicating information and determining the vehicle for doing so. We provide a core set of services that we’ve determined after decades of professional experience are integral to delivering business results.

About Us

Tandem Multimedia Partners Inc was formed in 2001 by founding partners Zach Weiner and John Bauman with a simple goal of empowering clients with best practice technology solutions and high quality creative services. We believe every project, no matter the size, is an opportunity to create something outstanding; to outdo what we’ve done before. It’s the meticulousness of our nature and also the satisfaction we get when a client is truly impressed by the result that drives us. Part of it is also really enjoying what we do.

Zach Weiner
Creative Director

John Bauman
Technology Director