Urban Athlete Photos

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Urban Athlete Photography

Urban Athlete is a privately owned Chicago-area gym that specializes in boot camp style fitness classes, personal training and nutrition programs. Tandem was initially hired to design and develop their website. Prior to that they had hired a local photographer to capture their facilities as well as their programs but were unhappy with the result. We let them know that photography was a service that we offered and that because we would essentially be the ones making use of the photos who better than us to capture them. They agreed.

We set up several distinct shoots where we captured photos of the gym’s facilities and equipment. We took portraits of their trainers and staff and composed set shots of each trainer working with clients on distinct exercises. In addition we attended actual live boot camp classes and captured photos there as well.

Our client was really happy when we showed them the results but they were really thrilled when they saw them used on the website: www.ua-chicago.com.